Friday, April 08, 2016

He popped the question. You said yes! Hooray! It's the beginning of something new and one of the first major moments that will change the rest of you life forever.

Being engaged is that time when you are still a couple , not yet the Mr and Mrs, but there's a ring that means its something more. And before jumping into the wedding frenzy of things, I'd like to think that being engaged is a fleeting window of celebrating the time you've spent together and also the time you will be spending in the future.

We all know that your wedding day is a one day opportunity that is without any testing ground. In my attempt to help my clients ease into wedding planning, I've always recommended having engagement shoots to kick start everything else. Here's my top three reasons why engagement shoots are a great idea:

1. Style "soul searching"
What is your wedding style? This is the best time to understand what look you want to go for.
Your engagement shoot is the time when you can sit back and know what your must-haves and no-no's are. As a stylist, we go through a series of questions when we get to meet a couple which I believe is a great brainstorming exercise for any newly engaged couple:

Where was your first date?
How did you two meet?
What is your typical date night like?
What's your favorite date place?

This will bring out what you guys most enjoy and then that can easily be translated into your style for the engagement shoot. Casual but personal.

Want more fun questions before you meet your stylist, you can download a copy of your initial Stylist Q&A here.

2. Camera testing ground
It isn't as easy as "saying cheese" on the big day. If you have booked your photographer already, I recommend getting to know him/her through an engagement shoot. This will help your photographer understand how you move, what your best angle is and of course, get to know you more. Being friends with your photographer means more comfort for you and your partner which essentially means better photos too. Trust me!

3. What looks good on me? 
I remember when I had my first hair and makeup trial, it so happened that my friend took a photo of me afterwards. I really liked the makeup but it wasn't what I expected when I saw the photo. Lucky it was before I booked my makeup artist. Using your engagement shoot to test how the makeup looks is not only perfect in timing but in planning. This will make you much more confident for the big day.

---> If you are looking into having an engagement shoot, don't forget to check out our Bespoke Style Sessions which is designed for you to have a unique prewedding experience. It's a great way to kick start your wedding planning and making all the big decisions easier for you! Book your spot now!

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