Star Wars Lego Tween Party

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

So I've been pretty excited with a few birthday parties here and there and it is just so fun to bring those party ideas into life! Just the idea of creating food ideas and putting up the table makes me giddy! And now I can finally share with you this Star Wars party table we did. I must say, I had tons of fun! (And I'm pretty sure my husband enjoyed it as much as I did lol)

Instead of the usual dessert table, a sundae buffet and finger foods were setup, with Star Wars theme, of course! The kids were pretty much busy with a day full of activities like swimming and playing ps3, so food had to be ready whenever they get hungry. 

The backdrop was the well-known scene from Star Wars with the X-wings and Darth Vader's death star.

Don't you think these Lego cubees are just perfect for this theme? You can get them free here and also give them out as a souvenir for the guests so they'll have something to be busy with when they get home. 

Here's the final list of menu:
- Fuel Tanks (orange & apple juice)
- Yoda Soda (Sprite + lime sherbet)
- Hunger Destroyer (pizza)
- Vader Taters (chicken nuggets)
- C3P-Chips (chips)

And for the ice cream buffet:
- Darth Chocolate (dark chocolate ice cream)
- Vanilla Tropper (vanilla ice cream)
- Jaba's Slime (strawberry & chocolate syrup) 
- Asteroids (crushed Oreo cookies)
- Rainbow Droids (100s and 1000s)

Of course, there won't be a Star Wars party without bringing out the light sabers and having a few swish and swoosh. Right boys? 

Say cheese! 

Happy Birthday Jedi River! May the force be with you! 

Concept & Styling: Ruffles & Bells
Photography: Ruffles & Bells

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