Dip-Dyed Bridal Gowns

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

After the ombre trend, comes dip-dyeing! Which for me is just perfect for introducing bold hues to summer...don't you think? 

Dip dyeing is the modern tie-dyeing, highlighting the edges with one bold color. It's actually a nice twist to weddings especially if you're the kind of bride who loves something different and wouldn't want the traditional one-color-wedding-gown.

I just love this stylish orange and cream wedding gown by Martha Webb. I especially love the top detail too!

{Photo by Jasmine Star via Style Me Pretty}

Now this shoot is just to die for. The white lace and the red velvet skirt makes the dip dyeing more dramatic and elegant.  Oh and adding it to the snow canvas...*sigh*

{Magical Winter via Bridal Musings}

Last but not the least, dip dyeing is not for dresses only. You can't go wrong with these lovely DIY dip dyed invitations from Martha Stewart

So the question now is : to dip dye or not to dip dye? 
Let me know your thoughts! :)


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