Franz + Joed: Bohemian Engagement Shoot

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Good morning everyone! Before you start on today's post, I suggest you grab a cup of joe and make sure you're quite relaxed because for sure you are going to be falling head over heels on this shoot. The photos are just breathtaking at every angle and beyond the rain clouds you'll see the sweetness of it all.

I don't even have to say anything, the photos will speak for themselves and so will the Franz & Joed's admiration for each other. 

At first, we decided not to get a stylist. However, due to our lack of creativity and fashion sense, we decided that it would be best to leave it to the professionals. My wife, Joed, researched for a stylist. She knew she liked Aira Franco's work but she still insisted on getting our photographer's input. What a coincidence because J Lucas Reyes, our photographer, suggested Aira Franco as well! 

We believed in their art and that they can transform our geeky selves to non-geeks :D 

And now for Joed's gorgeous-fashion-magazine-worthy-headwreath! 

There was actually a typhoon on the day of our shoot but were we lucky when the rain stopped. It was the golden hour and Joed's favorite moment! We drove to the beach and we were chasing J! He was so fast to get to the beach. I caught up with him and he began shooting me. My wife was still putting on the head wreath. When she got there, J shot her and the light was just breathtaking. I believe she loved the beach set the most. Everybody fell in love with Dylan's floral head wreath. It was a work of art (Bongga talaga!) :) My wife felt like a goddess with that head wreath!

Tip from the coupleGet suppliers that you have good interaction with. This will help make your engagement session easier and a fun one at it. Joed and I aren't models, we don't know how to pose. But through Aira, Fritz, J, Lei and Dylan, we were able to get high-quality shots that maximizes their skills and still matches our personality.

Congratulations again Franz & Joed! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us!

The Pros.
Photography: J Lucas Reyes
Videography: Daniel Lei Studio
Styling: Aira Franco
Hair & Make-up: Fritz Mortel
Floral Head Wreath: Dylan Gozum of Vatel Manila

Oh, check out this behind the scenes video by Joed's sister as well! 


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