Wednesday, April 19, 2017

If you're newly engaged and wondering if you really need to have a prewedding/engagement shoot, this post is definitely for you. For years, I have been asked by countless couples if it's "worth it" to consider a prewedding shoot and for years my answer has always been one big YES! 
With Bespoke Styled Sessions in mind, I've interviewed our photographers Adrian Tuazon, Neiyo and Qlix Photography to put together these reasons why having your engagement shoot taken is so important.

Capture That Moment of Being Engaged
People usually remember to take "the ring" photo once it's on but there's usually no beautiful photo captured in the midst of being a dating couple to being married to each other. It's such an exciting time and as short or as long as some engagement periods are, having your photos taken during this time is the best way to look back in the years to come.

Express Yourselves
I've met couples who love one specific style for their wedding but would find any way to do something different in another aspect. Prewedding shoots are the best platform to do so. You can be as casual as you can and there's no traditions to limit you like weddings can. Consider a place where you've first met or somewhere you really want to visit, a hobby that you both love doing and even your pets. This is the time to capture the pure love between the two of you.

Get Comfortable In Front of The Camera
Being a model is not as easy to everyone as we would want to. I've been styling shoots for six years now and as much as I can direct how a model should pose (where to put their hands, where to look, etc.) , I find myself so awkwardly posing when my husband and I did our anniversary shoot. Some people are flawless in front of the camera but some aren't. And unfortunately, your wedding day can sometimes go quickly that you wouldn't have time to think of how to pose or how to smile. 

Get To Know Your Photographer
We all know it takes a bit of time to get comfortable to someone you've just me a couple of times especially if they have a camera pointed at you. "Having an engagement session is a perfect way for me to know my clients and for them to get to know me. We get to practice working together." says Adrian.
Neiyo, on the other hand, mentioned that "Usually couples are a lot more comfortable on the day when they have already had the pre wedding shoot".

You'll Use Those Photos
The limit is endless. You can use your prewedding photos as Save The Dates, as part of your invitation, print them in a form of a book as guestbook (to be more unique), display it on the day of at the reception, thank you cards and even your wedding website. All of these details that can be easily ticked off the list....all because of your engagement photos.

If you have decided to have your engagement photos taken, we would LOVE to invite you to this year's Bespoke Styled Sessions which is a fully styled prewedding session for real couples like you.

Tickets are selling for $100 which includes half hour photography, a fully styled set, hair and makeup and exclusive goody bag. You will also receive 15 Hi-Res edited photos from the shoot for you to use. Click here to grab your tickets!

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