Thursday, April 27, 2017

You've asked your girls to be by your side...great! One big tick off the to-do list. Now what's next? If you've realised that you can't do it all yourself, that is definitely TRUE. This is why you have your girls with you. Remember, you need to get married on the day so you absolutely positively need to delegate.

Knowing what to delegate to your bridesmaids and which ones to do yourself will make sure you are 1) not stressed 2) more organised and 3) actually be able to enjoy getting married. We've round up some tips to know what to delegate to all your ladies.

1. Be by your side
This is a job from your MOH. Your most trusted friend who can make you feel calm, remind you that you look amazing and make sure that you are always taken care of. She's the one who has an emergency kit ready in case you spill wine on your dress or make sure that you don't feel parched on the day. Someone who can assist you walking in those heels, always have a tissue with her and ensure the bouquets ready for photos.

2. Repetitive task
Now this is the fun bit. If you are doing a few DIY projects like personalised wedding favours, folding place cards or sending out your invites, round up your girls (even family members and close friends) to turn all this wedding chores into a slumber party or just a fun night together.

3. Prepping the getting ready location
Most brides forget that photographers come in and take photos while they are getting ready. I can not stress enough how big of a difference a tidy room looks without all the clutter tidying around. So assign someone who can make sure the room is tidy when your photographer comes.

4. Go-to person
Your guests will usually need directions or questions on the day and although a wedding planner or venue manager would love to help them in every way, chances are your guests would be go to your bridal party or a relative first. Find a close friend or relative who is organised and give them a timeline for the day. Be sure to introduce him/her to your planner or venue manager so they can communicate efficiently.

There are two things to remember after reading this post: one is to never be afraid to ask for help and delegate. A wedding planner/stylist can make things easier for you especially if you're the kind of bride who wants her bridal party to do as less as possible. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with assigning tasks to family and friends and hiring a wedding professional to ensure that all areas are covered.

Secondly, the most important thing for you to remember is that there is one thing you and only you can do alone - be THE BRIDE. Your task for the day is to be present, enjoy the moment, soak in all the love and hugs and congratulations and fall in love more with your partner because remember IT's YOUR DAY!

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Photo 1 & 3 by I Got You Babe | Photo 2 by Long Way Home Photography

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