Thursday, October 20, 2016

Being in business for years have sure pushed me through heaps of networking events. I used to be scared of them (literally!)

"I don't know anyone"
"I don't know what to say"
"I might look like a scaredy cat or an outsider"

Yep! I've been there!

With Spring now in season, I'm sure you've noticed plenty of events and get togethers springing to life here and there. And if you are a go-getter or business owner, you know that you have to go to grow your network and expose yourself to possible collaborations or even meet your possible clients. I thought I'd share some of my do's and dont's today for those creatives out there who still feels like an introvert when it comes to networking. (Don't worry I still do sometimes ;) )

Do prepare. When I say prepare, I mean prep yourself that you are going to an event and you will be introducing yourself to strangers a couple of times. If you don't have an elevator pitch yet, now's the time to get right to it.

Follow people. Social media is such a strong way to keep in touch. Remember to follow the people you've met so you know you are always up to date and who knows that just gives you a better conversation topic next time you meet again.

Don't ever forget your cards. I've done this a million times so now I always have plenty in every purse and wallet that I have. Like the said, you'll never know who to meet.
Worst case, use your phone. Keep track of people's names, company and contact number so you know you can email them or reach out to them again after.

Have a target. Set a goal of how many people you would want to meet per event. Eventually, the number will get higher and higher , believe me ;)

Dress nice. Your favorite top or dress can just help you boost your confidence to the next level. I always feel better meeting people when I wear my fave heels. Just like Victoria Beckham. Remember that how you present yourself is already your way of presenting your brand/business.

Smile. Sometimes smiling to someone is already a conversation starter. You give out that friendly vibe so some people may just approach you before you know it. So yes, don't forget to show that beautiful smile of yours.

Photo by Flipp Photography for Bespoke Styling


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