Tuesday, July 12, 2016

You've tied the knot, CONGRATULATIONS! Now it's time for your honeymoon. After months of planning for your big day, nothing is more rewarding than putting up your feet and getting some intimate couple time. Although packing can be tiring and consuming, it doesn't have to be. I've rounded up everything you need to stay beautiful, no matter your destination to make it easier for you.

Where are you traveling? What will the climate be like? What kind of activities will you be doing? Depending on your destination, this will have a major impact on what you'll be packing.

Headed for the tropics? One word: SUNCARE! Pack everything from your everyday sunscreen and don't forget after-sun items, lip balm, and clarifying shampoo. More on the suncare, less on the cosmetics. 
KEY TIPS & PICKS: Swap your foundation for an SPF tinted moisturizer, pack waterproof mascara, lipgloss and maybe some bronzer. Your new sun kissed tan will give you a natural glow and this look doesn't need much makeup at all.

Headed for the snow? One word: SUNCARE! You would think that snow doesn't = sunshine, in fact it's probably worse up in the alps than on the beach. Make sure you stuff your bag with moisturizing sunblock and lip balms, as well as rich creams for your face as skin tends to get drier in colder weather. KEY TIPS & PICKS: Gel based foundations if you want to wear foundation.

Headed for the city? London, Paris, NYC? Why not go full glam, you're in a beautiful city already right? You'll definitely want to look your best posing in front of the camera at each city's unique spots. 
KEY TIPS & PICKS: Do pack a full compliment of cosmetics but be smart about it. Keep within your signature look but don't pack cosmetics you've never worn or are not sure about. Remember you want to travel light.

If you're a frequent traveler then you know about the 100ml rule, anything larger than that you'll need to toss or check in with your main luggage. To keep it simple, I don't pack any product more than 100ml or I transfer it to0 a smaller bottle. This will avoid adding weight and space in your luggage when you could be using that space for other essentials (like shoes, lol). Below, I've compiled an easy checklist guide on what cosmetics and skincare to pack for the ultimate glam honeymooner:

Rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle (can double up for makeup brush cleaner and hand sanitiser)
Razor and shaving cream (check in bag only)
Face cleanser
Face moisturiser
Body moisturiser or oil (I love coconut oil, can double up as a tanner)
Lip balm with SPF
Hair spray, mousse, or anti-frizz products (choose only 1 or 2 of the products you use most)
Curling/straightening iron
Aloe gel
Insect repellent
Body wash, shampoo & conditioner - if you're staying at hotels this usually comes free so I prefer not to pack
Face wipes (look for one that also takes off waterproof)
Foundation / tinted moisturizer / BB or CC Cream (whichever you wear most)
Concealer / highlighter
Makeup Brushes / sponges
Blush (sometimes you can get a cheek tint and lip tint in one palette, this saves having to pack separate blush and lippies)
Blush / bronzer in one (sometimes you can get palettes that have various shades in one)
Lippy x 2 (day time and night time)
Powder / oil blotting papers
Perfume (you can buy those rolly perfumes which are compact and better than lugging around a full bottle)
Eyeshadow (unless you only wear one colour, many brands sell palettes nowdays)
Eyeliner / brows (sometimes you can get two in one)

No matter what your destination, take along sample packets of skin care products you may not use at home, this also saves a lot of space and weight.

There you are ! I hope I was able to help you with your packing questions.
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