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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I always tell couples how excited I get when I see them excited about their wedding. It can be a little overwhelming with all of the lists to do but there a few things that can be fun (and cute!) too! Like thinking of your wedding hashtag!

We all know hashtags from social media but who knew it can be such a great tool for your wedding as well. You can use it to share news with your guests about what to expect on the big day and the best thing is having instant photos on your wedding night.

So where do we start?

Think of one that is uniquely yours. As much as you would want your wedding to be unique, so should your hashtag. Search through Instagram or Twitter to make sure your tag isn't being used yet.

Make it short but memorable! You want your guests to remember your tag easily and not get confused with a nickname no one knows or a very long one that can easily get misspelled.


  • Capitalising the first letter of every word. 
  • Playing around with your names to create a cute pun.
  • Adding your wedding date or phrases like "SayIDo", "4Ever", "Loves", GetsHitched", "EverAfter"
  • Not to use any symbols 
Share and share! Time to shout it out to the world. Now that you have your hashtag, you can add it to your invitations, on-the-day stationery or have a signage on the day to remind your guests, to tag along photos on the day. How fun would it be to know that by the end of your wedding night, all you have to to do is type in your hashtag and voila - instant photos from the day! 

Here's a great infographic from Naomi Shaw for some more tips:

Now that you are getting more excited about your #BigDay, you might want to check out The Top Three Tips I've Shared With My Brides Recently while you're on the roll with all the wedding planning. Click on the link or subscribe to our newsletter to learn more useful tips for your #Wedding!

Photo by Sayher Heffernan

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