The Secret to Balancing Your Wedding With Textures and Colours

Monday, May 02, 2016

As a stylist, creating a unique wedding for every couple means finding a balance between all the colors and textures that compliments the couple's style and still delivers the "wow" factor. Similar to any kind of styling, whether it's for food, interior or wardrobe, the right balance will make the entire look appealing and create the correct mood throughout the day. Sadly, knowing your favourite colors may not be enough to make sure everything goes Yin and Yang. 

1. Limiting yourself to two colors

Sticking to a color combo theme is so yesterday. Lots of gorgeous weddings consists of a playful balance of up to five colors nowadays. The key is to mix in neutrals with multiple shades of one major color which is why ombre became such a trend. It's playful but trendy. Sticking to two colors can get a bit boring and worse, even hurt your eyes. Fall in Australia, for example, can make up a color palette with orange, red, yellow, gold, and deep greens.

2. Balance the colors

Planning a wedding can be stressful so you wouldn't want your eyes to be strained on the day with your colour scheme. Pick a dominant color that you want to showcase on the day. I recommend going to Bunning's paint section and pick the exact hue you like. This will help you decide on fabric or lighting, and then build the complimentary colors from it. Finding the right shades of complimentary colors will help make your favourite color shine throughout the day.

3. Play with textures

Don't take colors literally. The color brown can be translated to using wood tables instead of having brown tablecloths. It's still the same color but the richness of wood is a natural way to add warmth to something that is familiar. Using patterns like stripes or making use of floral colors to emphasize your look can help not making your tables too overwhelming.

An industrial wedding, for example, doesn't mean using concrete for everything. Imagine a concrete plant box centerpiece filled with florals and placing  2 to 3 brass candlesticks beside it makes it not too "cold" or "stiff" . Instead you've created something that is still warm to the eyes, inviting and modern.

4. Know your venue

I personally insist on venue visits with every client that we have because knowing what the venue already has and understanding the lighting will not only help me know what decor to consider but also how much we can do.
I'm sure you've seen venues that you won't need much to spruce it up but there are also plenty of places that are meant to be a blank canvas as well.

Use your venue colors, to guide you on what tone to pick.

5. Keep the season in mind

Just because it's winter doesn't mean you can't use pastels. Gone are the days when seasonal colors should be strictly followed to the T. Use a muted blush or dusty sage for winter instead of rose pink or mint green from a spring wedding. Knowing what flowers is available during your season is the best way to make your wedding style complement the season.

6. Create a moodboard

Every stylist loves it if you bring us visuals. Photos from Pinterest, cut out from magazines, paint swatches from Bunnings. They're like Christmas presents to us because they explain exactly what you have in mind. This is also why we love it if we get to create a lookbook for you. Because it draws out every element that is expected to be seen and used in the wedding. It helps us (as stylists) and all your other vendors understand the vision that is your dream wedding.

Just got engaged and planning a wedding? We hope this post was helpful. We also have a FREE tool to help you pick the best stylist for your day. Bring this to your face to face meetings and you'll surely find the right one in no time!

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