How To: Put A Ring on It

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Wedding bands is that one jewelry you just wear forever! So obviously it's not something that you want to take so lightly and decide on so quickly.
We're giving you the down-low on how to pick that right ring and love it!

Lifestyle choices
This is the one thing that is so obvious but couples seem to usually forget. For a jewelry that you'll be wearing for so long, comfort is one main element you have to think about. Think about your lifestyle to start with. What do you do for a living? If you're an athlete or a musician, consider a slimmer band than a bulky one. When you use your hand a lot at work (florist/crafter/tradie), you might want to think of something simpler - not too much stones as they just might come loose (believe me I know! I've been there!)

It's really tempting to go for something in style but bear in mind that you'll be wearing this even after skinny jeans are not trendy anymore. What looks good on you whether you're wearing casual or formal?
Don't know whether to go gold or silver? Ask your jeweller about mixed metals.

Matchy Matchy
Wedding bands reminds you of your nuptials but it should also remind you of your individuality. Pick styles that reflects who you are but compliments each other at the same time. There's no rule about having exactly matching rings.

Size Matters
Yes it does! You wouldn't want your ring slipping down the sink or while doing everyday things. Be sure to not try on rings after workout, during menstruation and in the morning.

Putting A Price on it
Allotting 5% percent from your wedding budget on rings is always a safe bet. Better to be ready than be surprised with the price tag.

One advise we tell our couples is that wedding rings are forever but they can still be changed and/or upgraded. Start with a stone then add a few after every few years especially if this would mean it would sit well with your budget.

Alright! Time to put a ring on it!

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