Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy New Year everyone! Eliska here! Let's start the year with a bang shall we?

I've always loved looking back just when it hits 12midnight. A little flash back won't hurt to juggle the memories and remember how crazy it has been through the late nights and order rush and manic schedules.

Being part of printed magazines like Modern Wedding and Frankie are definitely one of the best things that happened to Ruffles & Bells. And of course, actually getting to have a studio is no-doubt the tip of the icing! Dreams can definitely become reality! You just have to work on it!

So after giving much thought and reflection (as you might say) this year Ruffles & Bells is all about reinventing and improving at the same time. It's all about providing a better experience for our couples whilst taking them in a journey of creating their big day. It's not only the big day that's important but remembering every step that made it so wonderful. Planning is such an essential part to all events so we want to make this special too! Ok, this is already getting me excited!

But before we get on back to all the hardwork and sharing more weddings, inspirations and events we've been secretly working on the past few months , we want to first share with you our mantra for the year.

It's simple but definitely powerful and essential. Let's just say when the clock strike 12, *ohhh-mmmm* ;)

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