Lucky Lantern Promo

Thursday, November 01, 2012

A happy Thursday to all of you lovelies! Aren't we excited to announce our first Facebook promo and all because of you guys! We are so thrilled that we've reached 100 plus likes already that we decided to shower you guys with some lucky lanterns.

If you're a fan of Typo like we are, you'd love these multicolored lanterns! It's a great way to spruce up your room or your workspace or in any event. 

So, how to join? Simply leave us a comment here and complete the sentence : "I'd love to get these cool lanterns because _________". 

Or you can also leave us messages on facebook as well. But be sure to like our page first.
Please make sure you leave your email as well, so I can contact you when you win. 

The lucky winner will be announced next Thursday morning so there's plenty of time to join. 

Got it? Good luck to all you lovelies! 
And again, THANK YOU for helping us spread the love through Ruffles & Bells!

xoxo ^_^

Note: This promo is not limited to Australia only. Anyone anywhere is welcome to join.

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