Mon + Jen: Fashion Edgy Engagement Shoot

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

For all the fashion savvy out there, this post will be such a treat! Inspired by The Vampire Diaries & The Big Bang Theory, Mon + Jen flew all the way to Singapore to carry out a fashion spread engagement shoot channeling Damon & Elena from TVD and Leonard & Penny from TBBT. 

Spoken like a true fashionista, Jen explains how they carry out their multiple character wardrobe sets:

"From the time we started planning our wedding, we knew we wanted to somehow infuse TBBT elements in it. So we did! We dressed up like Leonard and Penny! Leonard dresses like a nerd: thick-framed glasses, neutral colored jacket over a hoodie, low cut black Converse and a nerdy shirt so that's what we dressed Mon with. And Penny? Well, Penny dresses like a normal person so there's nothing special whatsoever. 

Another inspiration came to me while watching The Vampire Diaries. I just love Damon Salvatore's tousled style! It's a style that is kind of "just thrown in" but very put together, if you catch my drift. He's dressed in a black leather jacket over a simple black shirt, jeans, and sneakers. It makes him look bad but totally desirable! As for my outfit, i just matched it with what Mon was wearing. So that's our peg for our second set.

For the third set, we kind of wanted to showcase the grandeur and romance of the city so we shot it at Orchard Road and the Botanical Gardens, this time clad in our formal wear. "

Jen even did the her makeup herself. "Since I don't know of any salons in SG where I can have my makeup done at 5AM (that's our call time), I decided to do it myself! Being a makeup junkie the past years, I already know what color of make up is suitable for me. I just needed to practice how to put it on."

Tip from the couple: 
Get a good photographer. Really! If you have a good photographer, he can maximize the beauty and artistry in any location. Also, get someone who you really have good chemistry with. It helps in removing the awkwardness in doing cheesy poses.

Have fun! There's a possibility that conditions may not be in your favor the day of the shoot. Some plans may not push through. What's important is how you react to it. Your mood can easily be seen in the pictures. So before the shoot, tell yourself that whatever happens, you'll have fun! It's just a prenup shoot after all. Remember the end goal, to be married to the person you love. Prenup shoots and all that wedding glam are just bonuses.

Awww I just love this last tip. So true! 

Did you love everything as much as I do? And that's not all, Mon & Jen have another engagement shoot set in the Philippines. Hopefully I can share it with you guys soon too! 

Stay in love everyone! xoxo

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