DIY Wedding Cocktails

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Creating signature cocktails for your event is really fun! Like making the cocktails named after Serena, Blaire and Chuck in our Gossip Girl debut last year. So how do you come up with your your own concoction?

Graphic designer and baker-blogger Kelly Carámbula shared with Etsy Weddings this simple guide on how to mix your own.

  1. Choose your base flavor. This is usually juice - the fresher the better. You can also muddle fresh fruit to create juice.
  2. Choose your booze. For something warm and cozy, go with darker alcohol like bourbon or dark rum. For a bright and refreshing drink, go with lighter alcohol like gin or vodka.
  3. Choose your sweetener. If you choose to use simple syrup, mix 1 part sugar, 1 part water. This can be infused with an additional flavor like an herb or spice. Other choices include maple, honey, or agave, diluted with equal parts water.
  4. Choose your acid. Pick either lemon or lime.
  5. Shaken, stirred or neither. For most cocktails, a cocktails shaker is filled with ice, then either shaken or stirred. Generally speaking, cocktails with more than 4 ingredients are shaken; shaking encourages flavors to blend and accelerates the melting process of the ice. Stirring is generally used for cocktails that have a stronger alcohol content, like a martini or Manhattan.
  6. Optional: seltzer. For a lighter, more refreshing cocktail, add a little seltzer water to the strained cocktail before serving.

Now for some actual drinks! These DIY drinks are perfect for fall but nevertheless I thinks it's never too late for any cocktail on any season.

Hope this helps! For the step by step procedure on how to make the two cocktails above, you can visit Etsy wedding blog.

Happy mixing and drinking *wink*!

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