Iceland Engagement

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We all know that getting engaged is a magical moment by itself, right? The fireworks, goosebumps and butterflies...but once he asks you the question, you probably wouldn't notice the scenery anymore. Yup, you got it right. The scenery! I mean look at this, you'll probably be blown away by the beauty of everything around you and then the actual fairytale begins...when he pops the question in the middle of something as stunning as Iceland.

What turned out to be an innocent trip to Iceland became a memorable moment for both photographer Paige Lowe and his now fiancé Keith. A photographer + tripod + remote shutter = breathtaking photos like these!

Sweet! Don't forget to watch the video for the actual proposal too!

You can also 100LayerCake for the rest of the photos.

All photos by Paige Lowe.

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