Archie Comics Engagement

Thursday, September 20, 2012

This past few days I've started reading up on Archie comics again and I sure do miss Riverdale! I remember spending afternoons on double digests and hating Veronica of stealing Archie from Betty. (but secretly wishing I was as rich and fashionable as Veronica. lol) If you're an 80's or 90's kid, you definitely grew up with Archie and the gang.

So imagine my surprise when I saw Bryan and Anne's Archie themed engagement shoot! The fun thing about is it's not just inspired by it, it's actually happening in it.

All photos and graphics were done by Visionary Photography Hub. Everything was drawn and conceptualized using pen tablet and Photoshop. The most difficult task, however, is with photographer Jervy Santiago (who is a genius, by the way). "The point of views had to be consistent since we wanted everything to look dimensional with a cinematic flair. It had to look like they were actually with Archie and the gang." according to creative director Mike Lavarez.

The location was shot in Johnny Rockets which looks perfect for this theme. It must have been fun for Bryan and Anne to act on each shot too.

Even Pop Tate was there to join in the fun!
Now, who wants a milkshake and a new copy of Archie's comics? It's never too late!

Have a fun Thursday lovelies, few more days to till the weekend. Yey <3

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