Wednesday, September 13, 2017

It's amazing what you can learn from the experts, right? A few weeks ago we had the privilege of hosting the second instalment of The Beauty Edit. We were thrilled to see everyone who came and today KV from KVMUA and I are feeling even more generous sharing tips to all of you. During the workshop, KV did two demos to show all her tricks on two ways of applying make-up and have mentioned her fave tools a.k.a brushes. Today, KV shares her must have brushes and how to use them too!

As customer I can understand how overwhelming it can get when it comes to choosing the right tools to apply your makeup. A the second installment of The Beauty Edit Workshops, I broke it down into 6 must have brushes / tools you need in your kit (top to bottom).

I call this the flawless foundation brush. The short, compressed bristles allow a flawless finish when applying foundation, it’s the closest thing to airbrushing without actually using an airbrush. It can be used to apply either powder or liquid foundation. The way to create that flawless finish is to blend the product on the face in a circular motion until you get the desired coverage. This brush is also great for cream blush application

Name: Medium Powder brush
Type: Face / cheeks
Traditionally this was used to apply blush or powder however as a makeup artist, I've learned to experiment and found that a secret to a light but flawless liquid foundation coverage is actually using this brush in large circular motion to blend. This brush can also be used for powder contouring around the face.

Name: Synthetic concealer brush
Type: Face / eyes
I love using this brush to do any corrections after applying my foundation, mainly to blend out any streaky application and to apply concealer to smaller areas of the face particularly around the nose and mouth area. Because it's synthetic, I also like to use this to apply eye primer, cream eye shadow, or wet eye shadow. 

Name: Blending brush
Type: Eye
Probably the most universal eye brush you will own. The bristles are made for blending and that’s exactly what it does, blend blend blend. The shape of the brush is rounded so it moves with the natural shape of the eye and can also be used on the socket to create a more of a dramatic look. Because the brush isn’t to big, you can choose how much product you want to apply on your eyes and blend it out quiet easily, whereas a flat rounded brush will only just apply the product but cannot complete the job since it is not made for blending. Secret tip - I use this also for cream concealer to cover blemishes.

Name: Fine angled brush
Type: Eyes / brows
This brush is a MUST HAVE! I'ts one of the brushes a makeup artist can’t live without. Multipurpose, it’s perfect for eyebrows and applying wet or dry eyeliner. For eyebrow’s it can create the perfect arch if used correctly and as for eyeliner, the angle of the brush allows it easier to handle and can create that perfect winged look.

Name: The Beauty Blender
​Face / complexion​
This OG, Beauty Blender is also the most common way of applying foundation, and most recently also used to apply powder when "baking". I love using the Beauty Blender wet, I find that it doesn't suck up product in comparison to a dry sponge. I also like it wet so it helps blend the foundation flawlessly. 

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