Monday, July 17, 2017

I'm going to be honest with you: flowers can be expensive! It's not unusual for couples to actually fall off their chair the first time they start looking at floral prices. Most people have no idea how wedding flowers can cost since we're simply so used to just buying bouquets from a floral shop...and that's it! Fair enough, really. 

So, we're here to change that. We know the stress of not knowing what to expect, right?

As stylists, we get to work with amazing florists every time to make sure a vision comes to life.  And lately, we've had the pleasure of working with Zoe from I Heart Flowers when we hosted our bridal pop up fair Bespoke Styling Sessions to create floral visions that we think would be really popular this coming wedding season.

Together with a group of amazing vendors (all listed below), we styled two table settings showcasing two very different styles and we asked Zoe to help answer the question you've always ask yourself when you look at a table setting: How much do they actually cost?

Our first table setting is for those who are after something a bit bold with lush dark green foliage and pops of hot pink blooms. This kind of arrangements are best if you're having long tables because it makes the table fuller acting as a table runner. Garlands are also great for bridal tables too!

Now the next one's for those who are after something romantic with soft colors like pinks, peaches and whites. These lush arrangements are usually called footed vases. They're lower in height, making the flowers look like they're overflowing from the vase. We love having thin vines or foliage flowing down to the table creating a beautiful flow. You can easily fill a table with different size footed vase arrangements and adding candle votives or even fruits in between each arrangement.

Remember to allocate a budget for set up and travel especially if your venue is outside CBD area. Always ask your stylist and florist to help you work out the most optimal way to set up and pack up with your venue manager.

Flowers are definitely one of the best WOW elements of any event and I hope that I've given you a better idea of what to expect or at least help you know more about how you want to spend your wedding budget.

All photos by Adrian Tuazon
Styling by Ruffles & Bells
Flowers by I Heart Flowers
Menu by Studio Silva
Cutlery & Crockery by Supper Club Co
Linen & Furniture by Harry The Hirer

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