Tuesday, June 21, 2016

You know how we love working with amazing vendors in this industry? Our brides usually ask us about our fave hair and makeup artists and sometimes because we chat to our brides a lot we get to hear about all their worries about how they would look on the day. So today, we've asked one of the best in the industry Miss Aimmey Makeup & Hair Artist to give us her 5 best beauty tips for your big day.

Getting married is one of the best days of your life and one you'll always cherish. There’s so much to plan and you're constantly checking off lists to ensure everything is perfect. How you look is one of the most important agenda on that list! After finding your dress, your hair and makeup need to compliment how you look. Most of the brides I've been lucky enough to work with say they want to look their very best by enhancing their features whilst looking as natural as possible in the process. 

Here are some tips on what you can do to help you achieve the look you're after: 

1. Start by looking after your skin!
It's so important that your skin is at its best on the big day so that you are glowing from the inside out. Lots of water and a good skin care regimen will help with all this. Additionally, you might want to start facials 6 months out if you have the time as a skin care specialist can look at your skin and recommend the best routine and regimen for you leading up to your big day. It makes such a big difference when your skin is at its very best.

2. Choose a makeup and hair stylist that will suit your style. 
Look through their portfolio and do a trial. If you love their previous work and they have styled another bride with a look you love, it probably means that they can achieve that look on you. Also ensure you get along with them and that you love their energy as they are usually the first person you see on your wedding day and you want the right atmosphere to start the day!

3. Have some touch up products on hand.
I highly recommend carrying around a lipstick, powder and blush on the day of your wedding. This will ensure that you can easily reapply lipstick as it will probably be the first thing to wear off. Powder or blotting paper will help take away shine and keep you look fresh. Blush for some reason just fades, it's probably because of all the kisses you're giving on the day so keep that hand with a brush to reapply before the reception begins. Most makeup and hairstylist offer a touch up services is a great idea if you're starting really early and your reception doesn't start till later in the day. You might also want to change your hair or makeup style for the evening too. 

4. Look after your hair and start prepping it to be in the condition and colour you want for your big day. 
Ask your hairdresser how you can achieve the colour and length you want for the big day. Choose two hair styles that you love and trial them. Make sure you bring any hair pieces that you intend on wearing. It's important that you choose a hairstyle that makes you feel your most beautiful - whether that's up or down it doesn't matter, but don't choose something that you're comfortable wearing so your confidence can radiate on the day!

5. Remember to stay true to your own style. 
It's important that you are 100% confident with how you look because this will also dictate how you feel for the day. Don't do something with your makeup and hair that is extremely different from your everyday look as you will not feel comfortable. For example, if you never wear bright bold lipsticks, don't do it unless you feel confident enough to wear it. Your memories of the day should be about getting married to the love of your life; not that you weren't happy with how you looked. If you feel
beautiful and are happy, it will shine through and that is all that matters.

I hope your wedding & married life is everything you want it to be and more!

Much love,

Aimmey xx

There you are lovelies! 5 simple steps to keep in mind before the big day for that glowing look. Remember that the most important thing to remember is to try and not let the wedding preps stress you out. Get plenty of beauty sleep because soon you will be beginning an amazing new life with the person you love and celebrating your day with all your family and friends.

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