How to Be Single When You're Not Single

Friday, February 19, 2016

Ok, this is definitely not wedding related but I do feel like I need to say my voice on this. 

Two nights ago I had the pleasure of joining one of my close friends and some of her girlfriends on a movie night. Happy birthday Jade! The movie, obviously, was How To Be Single. If you're a big fan of Sex and The City like me, you'll  start to realise what Leslie Mann said was true. All the girls ever did was look for boyfriends. Don't get me wrong! I still love SATC but after watching this movie, I came to realise what was really drawing me to them and why I don't mind watching them again and again, even if I knew what was exactly going to happen next. 

It wasn't about the partying till midnight or going out without asking for permission or the chase of boys buying you drinks. 

It was what I felt with FREEDOM. 

It's seeing girls, whatever age they were, claim who they are or who they want to be. And they have the freedom to be themselves. Don't get me wrong, I agree with Dakota Johnson when she said she loves relationships. I do as well. I couldn't imagine myself without my husband because he is my handyman, my support team, my best friend. But the one thing I learned years before I met him was realising my potential and testing my bravery on things. Something as simple as unzipping my dress, going to the movie alone or eating dinner in a restaurant...I got the chance to push myself to do it. Because of those experiences, I can now easily tap into my "single spirit" and know exactly what I need at this very moment. 

My single spirit loved the freedom that it drew me to start Ruffles & Bells. It knows what is my comfort zone and what isn't. She knows to pat me in the back every time I do something new or adventurous. And because of my single self, I've learned what my business goals are and what I wanted to achieve before starting a family. It helps keep me solid as a woman and still be a wife, a daughter and an entrepreneur. It's my single spirit that voices out if I need my "me" time. 

So Dakota was right. Embrace that moment when you were single and don't lose sight of it. Because that is a part of you that you will cherish forever and which you should be proud of. 

Yes it is possible to be single even if you're not single. Get it? ;) 

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