A Week To Remember - 13 August 2014

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It's crazy how August has been flying by too quickly! I couldn't really keep up! Eeeek!
Ruffles & Bells is definitely going through lots of changes, brainstorming and new weddings and projects and so there has been a whole lot going on. So here's what we've been up to so far.

Featured on Modern Wedding Styling Handbook 
This would definitely be my highlight of the week! Being part of Modern Wedding's Styling Handbook is more than an achievement and to be featured as on of Australia's Top 25 Wedding Stylist is just beyond my wildest dreams. It's definitely a milestone for R&B and I'm really really excited on what's happening next! Have you grabbed your copy yet? Cause you just have to! ;)

Event Brite + 99 Designs
First of all, their office/pad/workspace was amazing!! I was lucky to have been invited by Jade from Event Head to tag along for their first event together showcasing how to market your product through design and the importance of ticketing for events. If you are running an event that needs some ticket management or if you are looking for designers to create a logo or design for you, these are the guys to go to! Check out their pages and all the magic they do: Event Brite | 99 Designs. #DesigntoSell
Hyatt Wedding's App and Magazine Launch
I had the pleasure of touring Grand Hyatt a while back and so which is why I was lucky to be invited when Hyatt Australia launched their wedding app and magazine last week.
Check out more details from my previous post here.

Driver's Licence
OMG! I finally got my licence! After two years, it has been way too long. I feel like an 18 year old again! Now just to wait and see how my photo actually turned out.

New Studio
This has definitely been a long time coming! I have been raving about how excited the R&B family is the past few weeks and well we are undergoing lots of moving and hard work to serve you better and actually be an experience as part of your wedding planning. I can't really reveal much yet but I promise it'll all be worth the wait.

Stay tuned lovelies!

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