A Week To Remember - 28 July 2014

Monday, July 28, 2014

How was your week so far lovelies? This cold is making me really tempted to go back to bed and just cozy up with a hot cup of hot choco. I'm sure you feel the same way.

So it has been a blessed week for us being featured in three blogs...in one week! Eek! Plus a London event to boot!

Featured on Burnetts Board
This blog has been one of my go-to links for years! Well curated mood boards and inspiration-heaven to anyone who loves everything pretty! Thank you so much Burnett's Board!
Featured on PolkaDot Bride
I will never get tired of getting featured on PolkaDot Bride :) This was where Ruffles & Bells was first featured so it's always nice to go back.
Featured on The Little Big Company
Totally awed when Louisa from TLBC asked if the Marie Antoinette party can be featured. That was on Friday so it was such a great end of the week!

Another huge milestone for us having co-managed an event all the way in London with Event Head for three fabulous girls who are changing the world with their blogging-powers! The event was held at The Roost and to say it looked like so much fun was just not enough. I so wish I was there! Who wouldn't! ha ha

I definitely can't wait for the next week to come! Have a happy Monday everyone!

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