Snow White Bridal Shoot

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I can't say enough how amazing it is to meet talented people in this industry. You'll typically be blown away with their passion and creativity and this shoot shows exactly that! 

Snow White have had lots of photoshoots. She's a celebrity in bridal shoots and this is our take on it. Marie from Lil Elements have dreamt of Snow White from the typical Alice in Wonderland shoot and this week we're lucky to be featured on Whim Online Magazine! Yey for all the wonderful vendors who have been a part of this!

Click here for our Whim Magazine feature.

And to share with you some of my favorite shots! Enjoy this with a cup of tea or coffee and I guarantee you'll enjoy it! 

Photography: Lil Elements 
Dresses: Vellos Bridal
Hair & Make-up: Morena Abellar Nou Concept
Accessories: Mihsty Accessories
Florals: Smell A Flower
Cake & Macarons: It's A Cake Thing
Cupcake & Cookies: Sweet Couture

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