Valentine DIY Ideas

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ok, so Valentine's Day is just around the corner? Oh my! How time flies! So, do you have anything planned for the day of hearts? Perhaps a candlelit dinner for two and then add some of these cute details by HeyLook!

Instead of simple votive glasses, we made these spray painted jars, again to make the setting more industrial looking and a little less cute. To make these, simply tape the very top of a glass jar with a wide tape strip. Then spray paint the top of the jar with a thick layer of paint very closely, until the paint starts to run down the jar. Let it dry a bit, then add another thick layer of paint. The image shows our jar after one layer of paint. For the end result we added two more layers after this. 

We wanted our table to have have many of the traditional valentine’s elements, so we knew we needed some cherubs. Pick some up from a thrift or dollar store and spray paint them in the colors of your table setting. Aren’t they sweet? 

Instead of a cloth table runner, you can use heart shaped confetti to give your table setting that special valentine’s look. Simply punch out some hearts from colored paper with a paper punch, then arrange the hearts on the table. 

Now, you can match your cutlery with your place setting by spray painting the handles in the same color. But if you prefer a non-permanent option, just get some masking tape in a matching color and wrap it around the handles. 

Aren't they genius? Who wants to go to the local store and grab stuff to start these DIYs at home? *raising hand*

Note: If you have any DIY or tips for decors on any event you'd like to share, shoot me an email and I'd be delighted to have you featured.


Source: Ruffled blog

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