DIY Christmas Packaging

Saturday, December 22, 2012

With our bridal collection week over, I thought it might be perfect to end this year's post with a DIY from our very own effort of gift packaging. Since most of the people we'll be giving gifts to are couples, me and my husband Aaron thought baked goods would be a cute tasty treat.

After 5 hours of slaving in the kitchen, the whole house was filled with the smell of banana and cinnamon. I was sure my right biceps grew with all the hand mixing but nevertheless very proud of how everything turned out! Taadaa!

Here's what you'll need:
- recipe for banana bread (which I got from
- aluminium bread pans
- cling wrap
- baking paper 
- wooden cutlery (bought mine online from Occassion By Design)
- acrylic paint
- baker's twine
- personalized tags
- washi tape
- hole puncher
- scissors

First thing we did was to paint the ends of the cutlery to make it more interesting. In our case we used red acrylic paint and got forks and knives since it's for bread.

The hardest part for this is actually the baking, packaging was way easier! 
1. Wrap the banana bread in cling wrap
2. Wrap baking paper across the bread and seal with a washi tape
3. Set one fork and knife on top and again, use washi tape to seal it to the baking paper
4. Tie a ribbon with the baker's twine along with the tag.
Then that's it! Yipee!

Hope you had lots of bakings and cookings too this holidays coz we sure did. I'm pretty sure I gained weight with all the non-stop eating ;P

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