How To Design Your Own Wedding Gown?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I can't believe it's been more than 5 months already since our wedding and till now I feel like I hadn't had much time to get to wear my gown. One day was not enough. Sometimes I still want to take it out and just put it on. As you may know, it was my first try on designing a bridal gown. I'm not really good with drawing so I talk through photos. Everything's in my head but I can't seem to put it on paper. So again, Internet came to the rescue. These are just a few tips I wanted to share with you lovelies just in case you're dreaming of designing your own gown as well. 

So where do we start? Photos, of course! These are the photos I initially considered as inspirations.

Tip 1: Put everything together side by side. Creating something like this makes you understand your style.

As you can see with my case, it has something to do with the skirt. I wasn't sure how dramatic I wanted it but I definitely fell in love with drapings on long skirts.

Tip 2: Know your skin color. Wedding gowns nowadays are not sticking to white colour anymore but if you're the traditional bride, know that there are lots of shades of white that can compliment your skin color. 

Notice that I don't have any white gowns above as well. I love blush and from my experience I get darker in photos when I wear all white so yes, it's going to be a blush gown.

Oh don't forget your celebrity inspirations! Most likely the celebrities you love or admire represents your style too. 

I'm a fan of classic style but I wanted something sexy as well. See Blake Lively's skirt? I wanted to incorporate that in my gown but one of my bridesmaids convinced me that it might look more like a bridesmaids gown than a bridal gown. So I'm just keeping that photo for future gown possibilities :P 

Tip 3: Know you bust size. Who wouldn't want that cola bottle figure right? If you're not as gifted up there like me, opt for a sweetheart top to emphasise what you already have. :)

Tip 4: Imagine how you want your photos to be. I love photos like the one below. It's so light and airy! You can also collect photos like such and show them to your dress maker. Don't be afraid to explain how you feel. Adjectives can be your best friend. Complete this sentence: I want to feel ______ in my gown.

So from all of the photos I got: color is blush, long skirt with [lots] drapings, soft airy fabric, sweetheart bustier..... 

There was something missing though, I love lace too! And I so badly wanted to have lace on my gown so good thing Selena Gomez had the same idea :P I saw this photo of Selena and I knew that was it! Instead of black, we had white french lace as "sleeves". That was it! My dream dress.

Tip 5: Don't be afraid to mix and match - literally! In my case, it was a mix from different gowns. Put different touches together so it'll totally be your style. 

Here's the final product which was a dream come true! <3

Special thanks to Krisna and her mom for bringing this dress to life! Can't thank you enough!

There you go lovelies! I hope this post will be able to inspire you and help you on your journey of looking for that one gown for you.


Photo credits: Pinterest and Sayher Heffernan

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