Gabby & Tin: A Beach Bohemian Wedding

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Couple. "The beach has always been our sweet escape." A photographer and a model. Both beach lovers. Gabby & Tin's first encounter was in a company-sponnsored photoshoot. Working in the same company, they were both part of the same photography club. And even though they had to be apart for some time, the distance only drew them closer to the beach (Tin discovered her love for surfing because of this) and soon enough they knew they wanted to spend their first day as a married couple with sand under their toes.

The Proposal. Who doesn't love a Christmas proposal?

Every Christmas we usually have our Christmas Date – before I go home to the province with my family so we can exchange Christmas gifts. For some reason though, our 2010 Christmas date was a bit different because we even went out of town for it. He picked me up wearing a suit (which I think was quite formal for our date) and he had flowers waiting for me in the car too. I had a feeling that something was up but surprisingly nothing happened during dinner. After the dinner, we went back to the city and we decided to drop by the Salcedo park in Makati, where we usually hang out after work. There were christmas lights hanging so it made it even more beautiful. Before we got out of the car, he asked me to bring the flowers, and the Instax (mini Polaroid camera - one of his gifts that Christmas) so we can take a few shots and test the device. When we finally found a bench, he told me he has one more gift, asked me close my eyes, and when I opened my eyes, there I saw the most beautiful ring from the love of my life! I probably said YES a hundred times while tears were flowing from my eyes.

The Goal. Gabby & Tin wanted their wedding to be simple, relaxed and fresh since it was going to be a beach wedding. "We wanted everyone to really have fun and enjoy – just a small treat for traveling far on a weekday."

The Design. The inspiration for the design was simple - beach with accents of turqoise and coral colours. The groom even designed their own invitations to achieve the laid-back look.

The Look. Ethereal as how Tin puts it was how she felt in her gorgeous chiffon bridal gown by Richie Ortega Torres. And not to mention the soft wing at the back which made the dress really flow and goddess-like. I can't stop looking at it!

I let my hair down for that fresh look, and had tiny braids and a wreath for that boho and ethereal look as well. I wore light blue wedges (courtesy of my sister) and I had starfish earrings (courtesy of one my maids of honor) to complete the beach bride look! 

To go with the bride's look, Gabby chose a tan linen suit from Bergamo and shoes by Kenneth Cole.

The bridesmaids wore turquoise and coral dresses while the groomsmen wore linen tops.

The Details. There were definitely tons of giveaways. Palm fans during the church ceremony, reggae music cd(s) for guests to listen to while travelling from the church to the reception (which I think is really genius!) and leis and flipflops at the reception.

With the hot weather at the beach, guests were also welcomed with fresh coconut juice. Each reception table was decorated with pebbles, shells and starfish.

The reception party was nothing short of festive! A reggae band was hired to play music all night long as the guests drink and dance the night away.

Some of the members of the entourage were tasked to keep everyone drinking, and before we knew it, the party turned to a mini concert, and everyone had their chance to jam with the band on the stage, the party was a crazy huge success! Oh what difference alcohol can do! That’s what we really wanted to achieve, and up to now, its still such a joy to hear from everyone how crazy and fun our wedding was. It was indeed a memorable one.

The Moments.

One of our most favorite parts of the wedding, was during the bridal march. “All is full of Love” by Bjork (Gabby’s favorite song) was playing while I was walking down the aisle. We still find ourselves smiling when remembering that moment. Walking towards my man, and him, patiently waiting for me, and the looks on our faces, priceless! A thousand words could’ve been whispered at that moment to describe the joy we felt, and the smiles on our faces said it all. 

The Pros.
Photography: MangoRed
Videography: Redsheep
Ceremony: San Juan Nepumoceno Church, Batangas
Reception: Acuatico Resort, Batangas
Planning: Jojit Dy of the The 3rd Party
Catering: K by Cunanan (including reception decor)
Cake: K by Cunanan
Flowers: Spruce Floral Designs
Invitations: Wink
Hair & Make-up: Christian M. & Erin Delos Reyes
Bridal Gown: Richie Ortega Torres
Groom's Attire: Bergamo
Bride's Shoes: Stella Luna
Groom's Shoes: Kenneth Cole
Bridesmaids Dresses: Kate Torralba & Tria Ramolte
Groomsmen's Attire: Bergamo

Congratulations again to Gabby & Tin! What a great way to start a new life together! Surf up everyone!

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