Japanese Engagement Shoot

Monday, August 20, 2012

Let's kick start this week with an anime/zombie-inspired engagement shoot, shall we. Yukatas, japanese school uniforms and crazy zombies is just way cool and funny for an afternoon out in the sun..and Rex and Izah really did kill it! (pun intended)

We figured since our wedding theme was cherry blossoms then it would be nice to have a japanese-inspired prenup. We both like Japan anyway and we always wanted to wear a yukata and school uniform so it seemed like the perfect chance. For the zombies, we wanted a fun set that wasn't too mushy.

The couple had their brothers dress up as the zombies and they even created the blood mix themselves - corny syrup + choco powder. Who would have thought!

The costumes were easy enough to get. Izah already had a yukata given to her as a gift and i found a cheap online store. Never forget the power of family & friends' help. The props were a bit harder to get especially the zombie make up. Good thing our relatives and friends were also more than willing to help out.

I just love this next one. Anyone see a resemblance with Samurai X poster? Izah would make a pretty Tomoe. So adorable!

Tip from the coupleGet to know your photographer before the shoot. It helps you get comfortable on the day itself. Also, the internet is your friend.

What a fun shoot! Congratulations to Rex & Izah! 
Hope this brings a great inspiration for everyone. Kiotsukete. ^_^

Make-up: Ace Ortiz

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